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Weight training for beginners may be at first intimidating.  There are many things to learn such as which repetition ranges are best to use. Many people do not realize that strength is a skill and that it takes experience to get stronger.  This section has articles with some excellent weight lifting exercise tips.  You need to learn weight lifting exercises before you can get that massive physique.  Want to develop some great biceps and triceps? How about using weight training to also do cardio?  There are a couple of starting workouts in these articles.  It is in the beginning of learning any skill that you learn the basics and in weight training, a couple basic things to know are how to warm up before your sessions and learning how to perform the lifts correctly.  The important thing is not to be discouraged by starting out lifting heavy.  You should initially be lifting lighter weights.  After awhile it is good to challenge yourself with heavier bench presses, rows and squats.  Before you know it, you will be an intermediate lifter.  You will also learn that nutrition is just as important as slinging around the barbells and dumbbells.


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