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Not everyone who trains with  weights is necessarily trying to set world records in the big  powerlifting and Olympic lifts.  There is a large group of weight trainers who wish to simply sculpt their physiques.  They are called bodybuilders.   Many bodybuilders train the way they do because they love the pump they get after working out their muscles.  If you are into clean bulking which means that you eschew any kind of junk food, then weight training for the purpose of bodybuilding may be for you.  If you are someone who wants to know exactly which exercises are used to train the upper chest for shape then bodybuilding is definitely for you.  Many weight trainers starting out lifting originally had no intention of becoming bodybuilders.  They had no desire to enter contests in which standing and posing atop a stage is seen as a kind of “sport” but after years of training and developing a physique that resembles a classic Greek statue, they changed their minds.  In many other cases, bodybuilders were once massively strong powerlifters before they were ever interested in bodybuilding nutritional cycles of cutting and bulking.  You may not have a goal to look like Dorian Yates or a Schwarzenegger but bodybuilding is not about copying someone else; it is about being the best muscular “you” that you can be.

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