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Not everyone has the money for a gym membership let alone to buy up a third of a sporting goods store to stock up their garage with Smith or “Jones” machines, adjustable dumbbells, a treadmill or 500 pounds worth of barbells and plates.

 You could probably spring, however for a couple pairs of kettlebells.  These have been around for a long time.  They are versatile and you can do just about any exercise with a pair of kettlebells that you could do with a barbell or dumbbells.  There are even kettlebell routines for cardiovascular training.

 Should you wear a weight lifting belt?  The debate is still raging on about whether or not you should wear one.  If you didn’t know why lifters wear those things then there is an article here that will explain why.

Should you be training with machines or free weights?  This one is not so easy to answer.  Sometimes, one or the other is all you have access to.  If you are a powerlifter you answer one way.  If you are a bodybuilder, maybe you say something different.

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