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Weight Training and injuries don’t necessarily go together but that being said, you’ve heard the old joke:  You go to the doctor and tell him, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”  Then he replies, “Then don’t do that.”  This is not funny if weight training is an integral part of your lifestyle.  The cause of most injuries is the improper or wrong form used when performing an exercise.  Another reason why there is a torn tendon is because of inadequate warm up or maybe because one is not capable of handling all those plates their buddies put on the ends of the barbell. The proper mechanics have to be learned using a lighter weight whenever a person is learning a new lift or performing a lift they haven’t done for awhile.

 Still another reason for a nagging injury is over-training or over-use of a body part.

 As you become a more advanced lifter, you will develop injuries.  Most will heal and go away.  Other injuries will perhaps become chronic, staying with you for the rest of your life.  Perhaps one of these articles will help you stay healthy and keep you away from the “dark side” of wrong or improper training.

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