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Without exception, anybody who has ever existed has had some issue with food.  This is even truer for the weight training health and fitness crowd.  Food is not just something that we want to taste good, it is the stuff we need for energy to fuel our workouts.  We all want to eat the most nutritious and cleanest food and although there are specialty stores that sell novelty items such as organic produce, omega-3 eggs and grass fed beef, this can be fairly taxing on your wallet.  Your local grocery store has all that you need.  A muscle building diet should be filled with healthy nutrition such as complex carbs like quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat and sprouted bread. Excess sugar in the form of candy or processed carbohydrates that have little or no food value should be completely avoided.  Eat for strength.  A person should get an adequate number of grams of protein per day based upon per pound of body weight to satisfy their protein requirements for strength training.  One should also consume enough grams of carbohydrates.  There is no such thing as one amount applies to all because each athlete has needs based upon their own minimum daily requirements.  And if you are a low carb eater, there is also something here for you if you are using fat as your energy source for your ATP levels instead of glucose.


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