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Recovery is a subject often overlooked.  You probably didn’t know that adequate sleep is more important to your immune system than any kind of supplementation program. In order to make maximum progress in weight training, you have to master recovery.  Recovery is, in a sense, even more important than having a stellar workout because without recovery, your central nervous system may end up in such a fatigued state of over training that no further gains are possible.  Over training must be avoided.  There is a time for training and a time for detraining and there are concepts of active and passive recovery such as the principles of super-compensation and the dual factor theory.  It takes a little common sense and some know-how to apply effective restoration methods.  This knowledge is important because when you workout hard with weights you are purposefully damaging your muscle cells with the intent that after an adequate amount of recovery, you will become stronger.  Immediate strength gains, however, do not usually yield bigger muscles but are, rather neuromuscular in nature.  So take a look at a couple articles here to see if you can learn anything more in order to better recover and grow.

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