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It has often been said that most bodybuilders would willingly drink a glassful of sh#!t every day if it would make their arms grow by a half an inch.  This, statement, however, would probably hold true about weight trainers in other sports as well who all want to be world class.  Everybody wants the edge or advantage with some type of supplement that helps them perform optimally.  The supplement industry rakes in billions every year from health and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life but there is probably no group more detail oriented in terms of supplementation than those who are obsessed with muscle building.  Although food is the most anabolic substance you can ingest for growth and repair, there may be some staple weight training supplements worth considering such as whey protein powder, glutamine, creatine monohydrate and omega 3 fatty acids to name a few.  Some of these help with better branched chain amino acid formation; others are muscle cell volumizers and still others help to decrease inflammation.  As for anabolic steroids, perhaps you should study up a little bit more about anabolic steroids before you send a part of your paycheck to those mail order steroid suppliers,

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