Weight training hasn’t been “boystown” for some time.
It is all too easy to put on the extra pounds due to inactivity.  A woman’s physiology is predisposed to this more than a man’s because of the production of the hormone called estrogen which tends to store body fat and more body fat, reciprocally, tends to produce more estrogen.  This feedback loop can be broken with proper diet and exercise.  To engage in this challenge, however, many adopt a systematic plan of a high carbohydrate diet coupled with long  steady state cardio activities.  This sometimes works but it is also conducive to muscle wasting.  Is there an alternative?

Enter weight training as a healthy alternative to all this.  Working out with weights two to three times a week using challenging strength training exercises along with a nutritional plan higher in protein will burn calories more efficiently.  Why?  Weight training will speed up your metabolism.  The reason is because your muscles are your metabolism and this type of exercise will develop and tone your muscles better than any other type of regimen.  As for cardio, there are circuit training workouts with weights that rival any fitness course.  Many women are intuitively turned off by the thought of weight training because they think they will end up looking muscularly big and bulky like men.  This is a misconception because the hormone testosterone is needed to get big muscles and women have only a small fraction that men have.  (Heck, even some men train for a long time and can’t get any bigger–but that’s another story).  Women who strength train with weights end up with more streamlined and athletic looking figures.  So take the challenge and give yourself the ultimate makeover:  Try pumping some iron.

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